Lawn Fertilization

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What We Do

Best Lawn Care offers a variety of services to fit your needs, including lawn fertilization. We use the latest fertilizers packed with nutrients and top-of-the-line equipment to provide you with the best possible experience. Our team also has an extensive knowledge of lawn care in order to help you keep your lawn looking pristine all year round.

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What We Offer

Our lawn fertilization program includes a customized fertilization plan for your lawn based on soil tests and plant needs. We will come to your home, inspect the lawn area and then recommend a program that is best suited for your yard. As part of our service we will also provide you with information about proper watering, mowing and other care tips that will help you keep your lawn in top condition.

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Benefits of Lawn Fertilization

As a premier lawn fertilization company, Best Lawn Care understands the importance of proper fertilization and would like you to reap the benefits. Below are a few benefits of our lawn fertilization services:

  • When applied properly, lawn fertilization can aid in weed control. Our products work together to eliminate existing weeds while preventing new ones from growing.

  • Fertilization promotes strong root growth, which helps your lawn to resist disease and insect infestation. It also provides nutrients for beneficial microorganisms in the soil that help keep it healthy.

  • Lawn fertilization can improve the appearance of your lawn by improving its color, texture, and density as well as enhancing the overall health of the grass.

Best Lawn Program:

Dandelion weeds

Round 1

This is a very important application of crabgrass control and broadleaf weed control. This is your main residual weed control for your lawn for the next 6 months. This will start to weaken in August to prepare for fall seeding. Weed control for the rest of this year will be sprayed as post spraying on each application. This application contains four different slow-release fertilizers for a deep green color in the spring.

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Round 2

This is a granular application of Organic soil compost with a nitrogen deposit. This will feed your lawn with soil nutrients to help build roots along with broadleaf weed control. It allows for a quick green up along with giving your soil the nutrients it needs to feed your grass.

Rich soil

Round 3

This Round includes a blend of high-quality liquid organic fertilizers that will help feed your turf with just the right amount of food and help with summer heat stress. We use only a slow-release fertilizer that will not burn your lawn. We use humik and seaweed in this application as our primary fertilizers.

Lawn roots

Round 4

This round consists of a blend of high-quality early fall slow-release fertilizers that will help your grass roots to grow deep into the soil. The deeper the grass roots are, the better your turf will be in the spring. This also helps with seeding. We also sprayed for any weeds that might be present. Do not mow for 2 days.

soil conditioner

Round 5

PH Balancer, Soil Conditioner, Root Enhancer:

This is very beneficial for your lawn! This helps break up clay soils so roots can absorb more nutrients. By doing this application yearly it will ensure that the soil in your lawn will stay at a neutral PH level. If your lawn is at a neutral PH level the lawn will be green and healthy.

Round 6

Slow Fert & Root Stimulator:

This round Consists of a blend of high quality fertilizers that will help your grass roots to grow deep into the soil. The deeper the grass roots are, the better your turf will be in the spring. We will also be applying PH Balancer and Soil conditioner at this time as well.

lush lawn

Round 7

Winterizer For a Quick green up in spring

Fall winterizer is used to help prevent winter stress and promote healthy root development. This is a heavy nitrogen deposit designed to feed your grass throughout the winter. This will also give your yard a quick green-up in the spring.

Why Choose Best Lawn Care?

We are a family owend and local business! We take pride in our customer service and treatments. Our customers recieve text messages on weather updates and tips on how customers can help manage their lawns better by sending watering updates, weed updates, problems and issues that the weather may bring to lawns and landscapes. Each customer always works with the same person, bringing each experience personable and tailored to them.

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