Lawn Care Services

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Lawn Care Services

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Looking to turn your lawn into something you can be proud of? We offer a variety of services to transform your existing lawn, no matter what it looks like today, into the best yard in town.

Lawn Care Program

Make your lawn look lush all year long. Best Lawn Care uses a 7 round process that ensures your lawn will look great all year long. These applications are applied throughout the year to ensure that your lawn is getting exactly what it needs at the right time. Our goal is to make your lawn grow, contact Best Lawn Care today for your free, 5 minute estimate!

Liquid Aeration

Take advantage of our affordable liquid aeration. Sick of those dreadful holes and damage to items in and under your lawn? That doesn’t have to be the case anymore! Turn to Best Lawn Care for our state of the art aeration process that lasts longer, is cleaner and more affordable and covers 99% of your yard. Say goodbye to the traditional aeration process and hello to liquid aeration using Best Lawn Care’s process.


Make the grass greener on your side of the fence. Don’t let an aging lawn get the best of you. Impress your neighbors and get ahead with this crucial step. Use Best Lawn Care’s solution of overseeding to create that lush and beautiful green lawn of your dreams. We use only the best seeds on our customers' properties that include a blend of four turf types and tall fescue seeds. These have been awarded time and time again across the US for their dark green color and high tolerance to fungus and disease.

Tree and Shrub Program

Keep your trees and shrubs happy! Best Lawn Care has your solution ensuring the health of your trees and shrubs. We offer services to enhance the overall health and look of your property. With our licensed and certified team, you can be assured your trees and shrubs will be happy all year long.

Yellow Nutsedge Control

Trust the professionals to rid your property of weeds. Have you just about had it with weeds taking over your yard? Fear not! Best Lawn Care has the solution! Keep your lawn free of weeds with our yellow nutsedge control. Yellow nutsedge is one of the most difficult weeds to kill because of the nature of the plant. However, we have the solution to treating this weed. This application is limited because of the chemicals and it may need to be re-treated after one week if there are no signs of improvement.

Fungus Control

Put your trust in our 4 step program. In order to treat the fungus that is overtaking your lawn, it is imperative that it is identified correctly. At Best Lawn Care, we properly diagnose the fungus that is damaging your lawn and use our application to control the most common fungi and diseases seen throughout our area.

Mosquito Control

Say goodbye to all those nasty mosquito bites! Hire the experts at Best Lawn Care to get rid of those pesky mosquitoes and their eggs. We will spray all around your property including underneath decks, bushes, trees and any low lying areas, or where water might puddle, since this is their favorite spot to lay their eggs.

Pest Control

Say goodbye to all of those unwanted bugs and insects entering your home! Best Lawn Care utilizes a perimeter pest control application that is sprayed at the base of your home to help prevent bugs and insects from entering. Take advantage of our perimeter pest control services.

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"Ben and the staff at My Best Lawn are great. They are extremely knowledgeable, respectful and most importantly RELIABLE. They have custom programs to get your lawn looking the best it’s ever looked. I highly recommend this company!"

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