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Best Lawn Care FAQ

Have questions about lawn care and pest control? We have the answer. Check out these FAQs and give us a call today for more information!

Does Best Lawn Care do any lawn maintenance such as mowing and trimming?

No, to provide a better quality service we only provide the services listed. If you need mowing, landscaping, or maintenance services we would be happy to refer you to a provider in your area.

Are insecticide treatments effective and important?

Yes, we use a proactive approach to treat insects and bugs through Systematic Insecticides. These products are taken up through the plant’s leaf tissue and root system. If insects come onto your property between scheduled treatments, they will die with any turf consumption. Your property should be protected from a majority of insects.

When is the first application for lawn care programs?

The first application starts March- April.

When should I call to renew my services for the next year?

Our services are automatically renewed yearly for the convenience of our clients and for continuous great care, unless you tell us otherwise. During the month of January of each year, you will receive a letter with a list of scheduled services with a great discount offer if you choose to prepay for the year.

Why do I have weeds when I am on one of your programs?

You can never fully prevent weeds in your lawn, but BLC does provide free service calls for any of our lawn care program clients. If you see any weeds between your applications call us and we will be happy to visit your property and spot treat the area free of charge in between applications

Do you use granular or liquid applications?

Most of our lawn applications are granular slow release fertilizers. There are a few instances that would require the use of liquid product.

What kind of fertilizer do you use?

We use only top-quality professional products on the market that are not available to the public. We are also up to date on continually educating our staff on new products to better serve our clients.

How tall should I cut my grass?

It depends on the type of grass you have in your yard. We recommend 2-4” high for fescue, 2-4” for blue grass, and 1-3” for zoiza.

Why should BLC do my seeding?

Immediately following fall aeration is the best time to seed to ensure the seeds are getting in the soil. Depending on the state of your lawn our technicians can determine how much see should be put down. Typically, we recommend anywhere from 3-9lbs of seed per 1000sqft. This is true over seeding. We use a blend of quality weed free premium fescue. This is the best seed for our region, however a blend of fescue and bluegrass are typical.

My lawn has brown spots. What could cause that?

A lack of watering is the common problem for brown spots, while over watering or watering the wrong time of day can cause fungus to occur during high temperatures. Another problem could be grubs. Grubs eat the grass's roots which causes the grass to die. We offer grub control to remedy this problem.

Is there a way to check if my lawn is getting enough water to maximize on the lawn care treatments?

We do not install irrigation systems but our trained technicians will calibrate your irrigation system to ensure your lawn is receiving adequate water during the right times. An efficient irrigation system to vital to the success of your lawn.

How much should I water and when is the best time?

We recommend 1” of water per week, (15-20 minutes per zone) with temperatures up to 85 degrees. With temperatures higher than 85 degrees water an extra 10 minutes per zone. Best times to water are between 3 am to 9 am to prevent fungus and disease in your yard.

Will I always have the same technician servicing my lawn?

Yes, the same technician will be servicing your lawn and will be able to offer great personalized service because of the known history of the property. This will also promote great communication for better service.

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