When Should I Start Fall Lawn Care?

When Should I Start Fall Lawn Care?

The fall season is already right around the corner, so it’s important to start thinking about when and how to start taking care of your lawn this fall. At Best Lawn Care, we provide lawn care service solutions to keep your lawn happy and healthy all year long. Keep reading to learn more, and contact the crew at Best Lawn Care in O’Fallon today to schedule your fall lawn care services today!


Early September is Best

In order to start preparing your lawn for beautiful growth in the spring, you’ll want to start your fall lawn care in early September. This includes continuing to mow on a regular basis, watering your lawn when needed, and raking leaves when they start to fall from the trees.


Start Thinking About Aeration

Beyond your typical lawn care, the fall is a great time to start thinking about aerating your lawn. The heat of the summer can cause soil compaction and stress on your lawn, however, aeration can help free up passageways that allow nutrients to reach your grassroots. Aerating in the fall can help your lawn be green and healthy come springtime, even if your lawn is covered in snow all winter.


Apply Fertilizer

At the beginning of the fall season, it’s also important to apply fertilizer to your lawn. This will help it get the nutrients it needs to survive throughout the winter and help your grass grow back even stronger in the spring. In fact, the fall season is the most important time of the year to fertilize your lawn, and you can do it soon after you finish aerating for the season.


Seed Patchy Areas

The last thing you can do as part of your fall lawn care routine is overseeding bare spots or any dead areas of your lawn. This can help bring life back to those patches of your lawn that may have died during the summer and provide the nutrients they need to grow back healthy and green.

At Best Lawn Care in O’Fallon, we provide fall lawn care services to help your lawn stay healthy all winter long and grow back green and beautiful in the spring. Let us give your lawn the care it needs and deserves to stay healthy and happy all year long. Call to schedule your fall lawn care services today!