What To Look For In A Lawn Care Service - Best Lawn Care

Most of us love a luscious, green lawn when summer rolls around. For a few months every year, we are blessed with beautiful weather to enjoy the outdoors with our friends and family. Best Lawn Care offers — as our name states — the best lawn care services in the O'Fallon area. Below, we'll go over some things to look for in a local lawn care service. Call for a free estimate today!


Customer Service

It's important to find a local lawn care service that takes care of their customers. The best way to learn about a lawn care company's service is by reading online reviews. You can check out their Google profile, Facebook, and other online review sites to learn more.



To find a lawn care service that will ensure your lawn shines all summer long you should look for one with experience. Knowledge and know-how are crucial in this industry, especially when it comes to local weeds, fungus, and growth patterns of plants and shrubs.


Multiple Service Offerings

Taking care of your lawn involves more than just applying a bit of weed pesticide here and there. To have a beautiful lawn for the summer, you'll need a lawn care service that can expertly evaluate your lawn's needs and offer multiple services, such as aeration, seeding, fungus and pest control, fertilization, and more. Call Best Lawn Care today.


Licensed, Certified & Insured

You want a lawn care service in O'Fallon that follows all applicable business laws in your state, city, and county. This shows they care about their customers by ensuring their customers are protected and that they are operating in an acceptable manner.


Best Lawn Care has been taking care of our customers' lawns for more than 20 years. Our team is experienced, and we are licensed, certified, and insured. Plus, we offer a variety of lawn care services, including a lawn care program, to ensure the best look and health of your lawn. Get in touch with our O'Fallon-based lawn care service today!