How To Take Care Of Shrubs

How To Take Care Of Shrubs

Shrubs can add the perfect amount of variation to every landscaped yard or surface. Unlike grass, shrubs are medium-sized, and usually woody. They’re a perfect accompaniment to a freshly landscaped or trimmed lawn, as they visually break up the monotony of a grass lawn. But taking care of them isn’t as easy as turning on the sprinklers.

Here at Best Lawn Care in Missouri, we’ve worked on more shrubs than we can count. Here’s a little bit of what we learned about how to take care of shrubs.

planting shrub

Plant at the Right Time

Shrub planting season is usually in the fall, which is when Best Lawn Care typically does most of our planting work. This is because Fall is typically a mild time of the year, and planting when the leaves start to turn gives your shrub the best chance of growing and surviving the winter.

watering can

Schedule Your Watering

Unlike some houseplants, shrubs need regular watering on a weekly basis. So when you water in the fall, be sure you’re setting your sprinklers to run for 10 minutes, or at least until your yard is completely soaked. It’s vital you do this before the first frosts of the season, and before you blow out your sprinkler system.

gardener pruning

Prune at the Right Times

Just like humans, sometimes your shrubs need a good haircut. We call this “pruning,” and it’s important you prune your shrubs on a regular basis, and ideally in the spring when your shrub’s growth is maximized. At Best Lawn Care, we specialize in shrubs and pruning services, so you don’t have to.

professional gardener

Call the Experts

Sometimes the right thing to do is nothing at all. Taking care of shrubs can be involved work, and that work only multiplies the more shrubs you have. Don’t leave it mother nature, or try to handle a too-big shrub yourself. Call the experts at Best Lawn Care to handle it for you!

If you’re in need of shrub and lawn care services, get in touch with the experts at Best Lawn Care today to get the job done right.

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