Benefits to Winterizing Your Lawn

Winterizing your lawn can be a daunting task, but it is well worth the time and effort. There are many benefits to doing so, including a deeper and stronger root system, a better chance at surviving the winter, dense spring time grass growth, and reduced chances of lawn disease. Let's discuss these benefits in more detail below! If you need lawn care from a company you can rely on, call Best Lawn Care in O'Fallon today.


Grow a Deeper and Stronger Root System

One of the biggest benefits of winterizing your lawn is that it will help to grow a deeper and stronger root system. When you protect your lawn from the cold weather, it will be able to go into a dormant state which will allow the roots to continue growing. This can lead to a lawn that is better able to survive the winter, as well as one that recovers more quickly in the springtime.


Reduced Chances of Lawn Disease

Another of the biggest benefits of winterizing your lawn is that it can help to reduce the chances of lawn disease. When you take steps to protect your lawn from the cold weather and moisture, you are helping to create a healthy environment for it to thrive in. If you're looking for lawn care services this winter, call Best Lawn Care today! We provide top-notch service at an affordable price. You won't be disappointed!


Better Chances of Surviving Winter

When your lawn is winterized, it stands a much better chance of surviving the winter. This is because it will have a stronger root system and be more resistant to lawn disease. Taking those steps alone will increase the odds that your lawn springs back to life in the spring.


Dense Spring Time Grass Growth

Another benefit of winterizing your lawn is that you will see dense growth in the springtime. The colder months are not ideal for grass growth, so by protecting your lawn you are essentially giving it a head start. Winterizing also helps reduce weed growth, you will have less work to do when spring finally comes around.

Best Lawn Care provides unmatched lawn care to the residents of the O'Fallon area. Contact us today to learn more about winterizing your lawn.