4 Things You Never Knew About Lawn Fertilization

4 Things You Never Knew About Lawn Fertilization

If you’re a homeowner looking to keep your lawn healthy, chances are good that you’ve heard of lawn fertilization. But did you know that there’s a lot more to it than simply spreading some fertilizer around and hoping for the best? Today, the lawn care experts at Best Lawn Care are going to share four things you never knew about lawn fertilization, so you can be better informed about how to have the most beautiful lawn in O’Fallon, Missouri!

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Not All Fertilizer Is the Same

Different types of lawns require different types of fertilizers, and it can be difficult to know which one you should use. Organic, synthetic, nitrogen-based, and phosphorus-based fertilizers are all common choices, just to name a few, and each one provides unique benefits. To help you choose the right type for your yard, we recommend getting in touch with the local lawn care pros at Best Lawn Care for expert advice.

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Timing Is Everything

The timing of your fertilizer application is just as important as the type and ratio of your fertilizer. Applying fertilizer too soon or too late can harm your lawn, rather than help it. Not only that, but fertilizing your lawn too often or too infrequently can also lead to detrimental results. At Best Lawn Care, we’re highly familiar with the Missouri climate, so we know exactly when is the best time to fertilize your lawn. Contact us today!

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Slow Release, Fast Results

Slow-release fertilizer is a great option for lawns in O’Fallon that are lacking nutrients. This special type of fertilizer gradually releases nutrients into the soil, allowing your lawn to benefit from the nutrients over a longer period of time. If you’re unfamiliar with slow-release fertilizer, we can help you determine if it’s the right choice for your lawn.

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Weeds Be Gone

Lawn fertilization can obviously help your lawn stay lush and healthy, but are you aware that it can also help to keep weeds at bay? By providing your grass with the nutrients it needs to outcompete the weeds, fertilizer can help your lawn stay free of unsightly intruders.

Here’s a bonus fact on the house: fertilizing your lawn is an indispensable part of routine lawn maintenance. At Best Lawn Care, we know a thing or two about caring for your lawn, which is why we’re O’Fallon’s lawn care company of choice. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do!

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