4 Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Lawn Care

4 Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Lawn Care

If your O'Fallon home's lawn is looking a bit rough, it may be time to upgrade your lawn care. After all, you want to enjoy your home's lawn and not have it overrun with pests and weeds. Best Lawn Care is a lawn care service company based in O'Fallon. Below, we'll go over four signs that it may be time to upgrade your lawn care. Get in touch with us today!

Green grass with brown patches

Brown Grass

Since grass is a living thing, if it begins to turn brown or you have brown spots in your yard, you probably need professional lawn care services to help get your grass to grow and be healthy once again.

Tick on a leaf

Lots of Insects

Perhaps you've noticed a lot more insects around your home and lawn than normal. Not only are insects annoying to humans, but they also can damage grass, trees, and other plants, including your garden. You may need a pest control plan, too.

Overgrown grass

Overgrown Lawn

Let's face it, there are lots of demands on our time, so finding time for lawn care can be difficult. If your lawn regularly overgrows, your grass can begin to show signs of distress, which can cause grass to die even down the road.

Front yard with trees and shrubs

Dead Tree Branches and Shrubs

Not only does your lawn need care, but your trees need care, too. If you notice a lot of dead branches and leaves or very little growth in the spring, your trees probably need some tender loving care in order to ensure they grow healthy and strong.


Best Lawn Care has more than 20 years of experience in the lawn care industry. We offer a wide variety of services, including a lawn care program, in order to ensure the overall health of your lawn, plants, and trees. If you are looking to upgrade your lawn care, call for a free estimate today!

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