4 Maintenance Tips You Can Do to Keep Your Lawn Healthy

4 Maintenance Tips You Can Do to Keep Your Lawn Healthy

Spring is rapidly approaching, which means you need to start thinking about lawn care maintenance. At Best Lawn Care, we’re committed to making your outdoor space worth being proud of. That’s why, today, we’re going to share four easy maintenance tips that can keep your lawn healthy. Contact our experts in O’Fallon with any questions!

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Control Weeds Before They Get Worse

If you go without pulling weeds for too long, they can quickly take over your yard. The key to weed control is staying on top of it as much as possible, which is why our intensive lawn care program starts with the application of weed control. Clear weeds from your lawn before they even become a problem!


Set Your Water on a Timer

Your O’Fallon lawn needs water to stay hydrated and look its best. However, it’s easy to forget about watering it regularly. Our Best Lawn Care experts suggest putting your sprinklers on a timer for this reason. You can set it and forget it without worrying about the health of your lawn.

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Aerate Your Lawn

Aeration helps nutrients, water, and oxygen reach the roots of your lawn. Some people forgo it because it can leave behind holes and damage. Luckily, our lawn care service provides liquid aeration. It’s mess-free, more effective, and lasts longer than traditional core aeration.

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Supply Vital Nutrients With Fertilizer

Depending on when you put it down, your soil may no longer provide enough nutrients to your lawn. Our lawn care program supplements the soil with the addition of fertilizer before the growing season. We use a slow-release fertilizer to provide enough food for your plants all season.


Keeping up with regular lawn maintenance can ensure your Missouri lawn stays healthy all year. By following our tips, the experts at Best Lawn Care in O’Fallon promise a beautiful outdoor space you can be proud of! We don’t mow, we make it grow. Contact us today for your free five-minute estimate!

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